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Saturday, 2 June 2018


4 ore LAPIDAR lots wanted ... especially, from U plates.

bicolor skilling and ore values used .   my current offers are seen here ...  face value trades only

Friday, 1 June 2018

Friday, 18 May 2018

4ore plates ... my collection

the 30 year span 1875-1905 showed 3 groups of postmarks : ANT antiqua - LAP lapidar and BRO (bridge-comb) cancels.  plates are known in each group - DKPM archive or private plates.  yet many are still unknown ...

the middle period 1885-1894 is my focus ... medium circles

24 plates are unknown ... but TOFDATA aids in plate reconstruction


Image result for lapidar  bendix jan

Lapidarstemplerne by Jan Bendix. 216 pages, perfect bound, stiff covers, 6 by 8 ¼ inches, in Danish, Forlaget Skilling/Daka, Copenhagen 2007. ISBN 87-91932-03-3

The 19th century Lapidar cancels of Denmark were essentially circle die stamps, sometimes duplexed with numeral cancels, and typically bearing the town and month and day but not the year. The term Lapidar refers to the typeface of the lettering. Other types of markings are Antique and Gothic. There are 19 major types that are illustrated at the front of this catalog. The catalog listings are alphabetical by town name, and each entry shows the cancel type, earliest and latest known use, and the catalog value of a stamp so cancelled, with a supplement if on piece.

Although the listings are in Danish, the illustrations and data and values are easily understood. There are only a couple of explanatory text pages that are in Danish. All of the cancels are nicely shown in black and white, and many examples of entire covers in color appear throughout the catalog.

30 pages Lapidar cancels of Copenhagen, and those used for railway markings.

postal history allows year-date identification by ARR marks on cover.  I am finding unlisted vars ...

sorting lapidars ...

before exploring plate flaws or vars - I sort each item into groups or offsets ...

1  offset perforation / frame
2 offset of oval / frame

then relate to AFA specialised plates and or actual museum archives.

tofdata OF RF errors...